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About This Exhibition:

In the aftermath of World War One, a young professor, Raymond W. Kirkbride, hatched a plan to prepare American students for life in an increasingly global society and to perhaps prevent a sequel to that war. What if young men (and women) could be trained for careers in international affairs, diplomacy and business while simultaneously being exposed to the culture, citizenry, and daily life of a foreign country? What if this could all take place over one systematically organized and supervised year abroad during their undergraduate career? Making his plan a reality led to the creation of the system of study abroad as it is known in America today and brought international recognition to the University of Delaware. As we celebrate the centenary of his vision, this exhibition explores the early years of the “Delaware Experiment.”


The exhibition was curated by Maria Barefoot, Yuqiao Cao, Petra Clark, and Lisa Gensel (University Archives). Videos edited by Suhas Cristy Mathey.

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