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About This Exhibition:

Helen Farr Sloan was passionate about the value of teaching with art. While widely acknowledged for her efforts to steward the artistic legacy of husband John Sloan, Farr Sloan was a 20th-century artist and educator herself who advocated for women’s place in the history of art and for students to have the opportunity to learn from original works of art.

In Building a Collection for Teaching: Helen Farr Sloan's Gifts to the University's Museums, visitors will discover a selection of the nearly 1,400 artworks Farr Sloan donated to the University of Delaware for students to engage and study with. The items on view span time periods, geographic locations and artistic mediums. From works created by artists with familiar names, to photographs using experimental techniques, and prints in less-than-perfect condition for students to learn how to conserve, all of the items are united by their ability to teach us something about art and the creative process.