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This scarce ecclesiastical tract prints the fifteenth century theologian Hilarius’s argument in favor of papal authority.

This edition of the Nuremberg Chronicle is an important addition to the collection on early printing in Special Collections.

The Rule of an Honest Life adds significantly to the Library’s collection of incunabula; this copy contains contemporary hand-written notes in Latin.

This beautifully illustrated edition of the work of Virgil is an important addition to the collection of early printed books in Special Collections.

Piers Plowman is one of the most studied texts in English literature and this extremely rare volume is a significant addition to the Library’s holdings of early English printing.

Although the first English translation from the original Greek text was done by Thomas Hobbes in 1629, the true first English edition of Thucydides’s history is this one by Thomas Nicholls, who derived his text from a French version, which appeared in 1550.

While popular upon first appearance in 1509, Alexander Barclay's English adaptation of this work was not reprinted until 1570, when London printer Cawood produced this new edition.

This early edition of Palladio’s Four Books of Architecture is an important addition to the history of art and architecture holdings in Special Collections.

Arthur Golding—the most celebrated and influential translator of the Elizabethan period—translated this first English version of Caesar’s Gallic Wars. Golding’s translations—particularly Ovid’s Metamorphoses-- were an important source for William Shakespeare.