Beverley Nichols’ life as an English socialite would have led him to meet Cecil Beaton, the famous fashion and celebrity portrait photographer. This semi-gloss photograph depicts a well-dressed Nichols, staring off to the side with an unamused look on his face, posing against a stucco background. Interestingly, the viewer is drawn not to Nichols' face, but to his clothes. With the rumpled fabric and off-center tie, Beaton has captured the sitter's casual elegance. The gelatin silver print commemorates not only Beverley Nichols’ celebrity status, but also gives a glimpse of his personality.

Although the image itself is relatively unhindered, the decorative double mount demonstrates the importance of examining the photograph as an object and not just a record of a relationship. Prior to housing provided by Special Collections, the papers composing the mount yellowed and darkened, and, due to improper handling, accrued a few tears and folds. These slight blemishes, though not part of the image, negatively impact the object, arguing for future conservation treatment.

          -Nell Weaver