Part Four


D. W. Maull.

The Life and Military Services of the Late Brigadier General Thomas A. Smyth. Wilmington: H & E. F. James, 1870.

Thomas A. Smyth (1832-1865) was an Irish immigrant who settled in the United States in 1854, moving to Wilmington in 1858.  At the beginning of the war, Smyth raised his own volunteer company and by his valor and ability rose gradually to the rank of brigadier general until he was killed on April 7, 1865. Smyth's troops were in pursuit of Gen Robert E. Lee, who was fleeing toward Appomattox, and Smyth was the last general officer killed in the war. In 1866 the Delaware Historical Society invited Dr. D. W. Maull, former Surgeon in Chief, 2nd Division, 2nd Army Corps, to write this memoir of Smyth and present it before a meeting of the Society. Maull later published his address for the friends of General Smyth.

Rev. William P. Tilden

Thomas Garrett, 1789-1871: A Memorial Address Delivered by the Reverend William P. Tilden in the First Uniterian Church, Wilmington, Delaware, January 28, 1889. [Wilmington: privately printed, 1935].

This memorial address on the great Delaware abolitionist and station master on the underground railroad was delivered on the one hundredth anniversary of Garrett’s birth.  The speech was privately printed in this pamphlet in 1935.