Biology and Behavior


Insects as Objects of Study

Insects are so diverse, so interesting, and so important to the ecosystems of which we are a part that their study just as organisms represents the large discipline of Entomology, which stands on its own as an important academic field. There are books on insects for readers of all levels, from the curious child to the lay adult to the specialist in environmental studies. Many of these books have interesting or amusing titles to draw the reader in. Their contents provide an open door to the lives and activities of these small but numerous creatures. In several cases insects are anthropomorphized to provide a look at how their behavior relates to ours, yet the individuals and colonies of insects that exist in the wild are following patterns inbred in them for centuries. They stand alone as one of nature’s wonders.

This case presents a variety of books and a video on insects in general, as well as on insect ecology and behavior.