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Additional Items in Exhibition

John Brown's Men

A reproduction of a composite of many of the men who joined John Brown in Raiding Harpers Ferry, VA October 16, 1859.

Banners of Steel: A Play about John Brown. Mimeographed playscript, undated.

Stavis, Barrie. 1970. John Brown: The Sword and the Word. South Brunswick: A.S. Barnes.

Schollak, Sigmar. 1979. Sturm auf Harpers Ferry. Berlin: Kinderbuchverl. This book is a very curious and quite scarce German Language book on John Brown's rain on Harpers Ferry written for children.

Stavis, Barrie, and G. Zlobin. Svetil'nik, Zazhzhennyĭ V Polnoch': Drama O Galilee;  Chelovek, Kotoryĭ Nikogda Ne Umret : Drama O Dzho Khille ; Kharpers-Ferrĭ : Drama O Dzhone Brauneĭ. Moskva: "Progress,” 1980. Barrie Stavis's plays remain popular in Eastern Europe. This collection is a Russian Translation of the author's major plays, including Harpers Ferry.

[Harpers Ferry], mimeograph playscript depicting a scene in which John Brown tries to persuade the great African American social activist Frederick Douglass to join his attack on the Harpers Ferry arsenal.  Douglass believes the attack was doomed to failure and tries to dissuade Brown from launching his raid.

Harpers Ferry, typescript with Barrie Stavis’s holograph textual corrections, 103 pages.  Barrie Stavis used this copy of the playscript to prepare the first published edition of the play    which appeared in 1967 (South Brunswick [N.J.: A.S. Barnes, 1967).

[The Sword and the Word], holograph and typescript notes and revisions from an early draft of Barrie Stavis’s book on John Brown, The Sword and the Word, which was published in 1970 (South Brunswick: A.S. Barnes, 1970).