To Separate the Body from the Machine is very recently acquired artist’s book by Beldan Sezen.  The distributor’s description explains the idea behind the book:  “Beldan Sezen works as a caretaker for a man who is living with a paralysed body. Sezen's intentions with this work are to visualise confrontations and limits with such a paralysed body and its often hidden surprises in dealing with ways to move.” The artist achieves her goals in a way that is both sensitive and visually engaging.

 In creating To Separate the Body from the Machine, Sezen produced sketches and then used a silkscreen technique to transfer the images and text to a recycled copy of the Brooklyn Rail, a monthly periodical devoted to the visual arts. The copy acquired by University of Delaware Library Special Collections is one of only eight that were produced by the artist.  The pages of the book will be turned periodically to give viewers a fuller experience. This new acquisition joins the hundreds of artists books held by Special Collections

Curated by Curtis Small