This exhibition showcases artwork and writing by UD students in response to the Fall 2022 First Year Common Reader, While the Earth Sleeps We Travel: Stories, Poetry, and Art from Young Refugees Around the World, edited by Ahmed Badr. Through varied formats including photographs, drawings, memes, and poems, students engage with topics discussed in the book. They reflect on the power of storytelling through artistic expression, research refugee experiences and other important social issues, and explore concepts of identity and home.

Students created these digital reflections after completing Meant to Be Here: A Self-Guided Exploration of the Library and Museums. Their work is informed by interactions with primary sources, artwork, and films related to While the Earth Sleeps We Travel, as well as their experience using library resources to research an issue of their choice. When students submitted their work, they elected to have it included in this exhibition and chose whether to have the work attributed with their full name, first name only, or anonymously.


Curated by Yuqiao Cao, Pauline A. Young Resident and Visual Literacy Librarian, and Lauren Wallis, First Year Experience and Student Success Librarian