Exploring the Library and Museums


These artworks explore how analyzing art and conducting research can expand one's views. Hannah Lynch writes, "My creation encourages people to open their eyes to the real meaning behind art such as the ones showcased in the library tour." Madison Smith explains, "By opening our views up to alternate perspectives on a subject, our views may become distorted or even changed entirely. Being open to this is a necessary skill in research because it allows us to learn more about the subject at hand and even change our own perspective from what we thought originally."

Lillian writes, "Morris Library, Old College Gallery, and Mechanical Hall Gallery…have countless resources for students, so I created this flyer to remind students what they have at their fingertips."

Avery Bell's "Bookshelf of Knowledge" features While the Earth Sleeps We Travel, as well as "colorful books representing the many cultures and histories around the world."

These artworks celebrate the library and showcase services available to students. Leah Calissi explains, "My creation is an endorsement to push people to come visit the library! This library has so much to offer and every student should really take advantage of this opportunity."