The Museums collections encompass a wide variety of objects acquired by the University of Delaware from 1917 to the present day. Museums Collections Focus is a series of online exhibitions that provides a bite-sized introduction to the diversity of these holdings, from Pre-Columbian ceramics and Renaissance prints to mineral specimens and contemporary photography. Organized by theme or medium, these focused exhibitions offer new ways to engage with objects in the collections.

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Featuring a range of drawings and completed artworks from several artists in the Museums collection, this exhibition will explore various dimensions of the sketch and the bodily process of sketching. Sketches operate as extensions of the mind, as tools that facilitate seeing and remembering, and as a bodily way of acquiring knowledge through observation and repetition. For preparation or for the joy of the act, sketches traverse the private and public, dynamic in their own right.


Online exhibition curated by Rachael Vause, a Ph.D. candidate in Art History and the 2021-2022 Graduate Research Assistant for Museums.