Part One


Richard H. Stewart Collection on Display

Richard H. Stewart enjoyed sharing his Abraham Lincoln collection with others.  This photograph depicts a portion of the collection on display at an unidentified exhibition.

Lincoln's House, Springfield, Illinois

circa 1865-1889

This nine-inch dish bears the manufacturing mark of Petrus Regout & Co., Maastricht, Holland.  The plate is an example of  “flow blue” pottery, which is known for a blurry blue transfer-printed decoration against a white background.

The Immortal Autograph Letters, Documents, Manuscripts, Portraits, Personal Relics, and Other Lincolniana Collected by the Late Oliver R. Barrett, Chicago: Sold by Order of the Executors of His Estate and of Roger W. Barrett

Parke-Bernet Galleries

Oliver R. Barrett ( 1873-1950) began collecting autographs and historical documents in his boyhood in Pittsfield, Illinois. By age seventeen Barrett was advertising in weekly county newspapers for autographs and documents, particularly for items relating to Abraham Lincoln, such as letters, tokens, handbills, newspapers and any other miscellany. Barrett developed a passion for acquiring Lincolniana that eventually grew into one of the largest and finest private Lincoln collections of the twentieth century. This publication is the auction catalog to the sale of his collection two years after his death.

New Years Reception at the White House, Washington

Engraving from The Illustrated London News, 1 February, 1862

Portrait of Abraham Lincoln

photogravure print by Moses P. Rice, 1891

In 1991, the Washington, D.C. photographer Moses P. Rice produced this photogravure print of a popular 1864 Alexander Gardner photograph of Abraham Lincoln.  This print bears Rice's copyright statement on Lincoln's shoulder.  This copy was once part of the well-known Lincoln Collection formed by Oliver R. Barrett.

Phelps Handcuffs

Orson C. Phelps was an American manufacturer and inventor who first came to notice working in Boston in the 1850s with Isaac Singer who invented the modern sewing machine. Phelps patented these handcuffs–known as “Phelps handcuffs”- in the mid-1860s. They were used as effective restraints during the Civil War era and this set is similar to those which bound the Lincoln conspirators.

Letter of Appointment

This Letter of Appointment for Joseph M. Sterrett to the position of deputy postmaster of Erie, Pennsylvania is signed by President Abraham Lincoln and Secretary of State William Seward.


Postcard depiction of the Assassination of Lincoln – April 14, 1865