Part Two


Abraham Lincoln Portrait taken by Alexander Hesler in 1860

Alexander Hesler was an American photographer who spent most of his career in Illinois. He is best known for photographing, in 1858 and 1860, definitive iconic images of the beardless Abraham Lincoln.  This photograph reproduces a lithograph print of Hesler's 1860 photograph of Lincoln made from the negative that had been owned by Philadelphia photographer George B. Ayres.

Looking for Lincoln: The Making of an American Icon by Philip B. Kunhardt III, Peter W. Kunhardt, and Peter W. Kundardt, Jr.

This massive, comprehensive look at all aspects of Abraham Lincoln and his presidency includes this eyewitness account of the execution of the Lincoln conspirators written by Delawarean George Alfred Townsend who was a special correspondent for the New York World.

Abraham Lincoln Plate

Three-inch dish, circa 1965, bearing the mark of Royal Copenhagen Aluminia Faiece.

The Two Emancipators

Postcard depicting adjacent portraits of Presidents Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy.

The Life of Abraham Lincoln: Drawn from Original Sources and Containing Many Speeches, Letters and Telegrams Hitherto Unpublished by Ida M. Tarbell

While working for McClure's Magazine in the last decade of the nineteenth century, the great muckraking journalist Ida M. Tarbell wrote a popular twenty-part series of Abraham Lincoln which doubled the magazine's circulation and was subsequently published in this book. Tarbell's writing on Lincoln gave her a national reputation as a major author and the leading authority on the slain president. This copy is signed by Ida M. Tarbell.

Memorial Address on the Life and Character of Abraham Lincoln: Delivered, at the Request of Both Houses of the Congress of America, Before Them, in the House of Representatives at Washington, on the 12th of February, 1866

George Bancroft was an American historian and statesman. During his tenure as U.S. Secretary of the Navy, he established the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis in 1845. He also served as a senior American diplomat in Europe; in 1867 he was appointed minister to Berlin, where he remained until his resignation in 1874. He was chosen by Congress to deliver this special eulogy on Lincoln.

Abraham Lincoln penny paperweight

circa 1975