Multiple Middles: Maps from Early Modern Times

This exhibition stemmed from the three-year collaborative project between the University of Delaware Library, Museums and Press’ Special Collections and the Department of Art History to promote historical world maps at the University of Delaware. 

The exhibition’s graduate student curatorial team comprises Rachel Allen, Maria Carrillo-Marquina, Yoojin Choi, Emily Peikin, Thomas Price, and Dakota Stevens.

Research videos were produced by Michael Bravacos, Jalena Jampolsky, Julia Hamer-Light, Erin Hein, Mirielle Miller, Chanel Smith, Theresa Keefe, Zixin Ma, Jack Murphy, and Jizhi Zhang.

Both the exhibition and research videos are products of Art History seminars: ARTH602: Curating Mappa Mundi (Spring’21), ARTH667: Mapping the Orient (Fall’19), ARTH445: Mapping Cathay (Spring’20), and ARTH445: Maps and Voyages (Fall’20).  Dr. Vimalin Rujivacharakul served as the instructor of record of all seminars.  Dr. Robert Mintz (Asian Art Museum of San Francisco) and Dr. James Lin (Fitzwilliam Museum) were guest curatorial instructor for ARTH602. Alexander Johnston and Jessica Barth also served as guest instructors for ARTH645 and ARTH445. Alexander Johnston and Dustin Frohlich were guest instructors of ARTH602.

The exhibition’s digital website was designed and developed by Dustin Frohlich.  Graphic elements of the site were designed by Jaynell Keely.

The following individuals and organizations provided support vital to the success of this project:

Janis Tomlinson, Timothy Murray, Alexander Johnston, Dustin Frohlich, Jessica Barth, Paige Morgan, Jaynell Keely

University of Delaware Library, Museums and Press - Special Collections Department

University of Delaware Library, Museums and Press - Digital Scholarship and Publishing Department

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, whose grant enabled the University of Delaware to create and sustain its Ph.D. in Art History’s Curatorial Track

The Library of Congress, Dr. John Hessler, and the late Mr. Edward Redmond

Asian Art Museum and Dr. Robert Mintz

Fitzwilliam Museum and Dr. James Lin