Dr. James Newton


Dr. James Newton was the original director of the University of Delaware’s Black Studies Program (now called Africana Studies). During his time at the University of Delaware, he was known as an advocate and ally for Black students attending the University of Delaware. In this section students as well as Dr. Newton himself discuss the role he played on the University of Delaware campus.

Paris McBride interviewing Denise Hayman

Denise Hayman describes the impact James Newton had on her life while at UD. She describes him as a professor and leader and discusses his openness to guide students even after they graduated from the University.

Brianna Perry interviewing Marlene Hurtt-Dunkley

In this clip, Marlene Hurtt-Dunkley recounts her experiences with James Newton. She went to school when Dr. Newton was still very new to the program. She speaks of how he cared for the students in and out of the classroom.

Valeria Medina Zuniga interviewing Terry Joyner

In this clip, Terry Joyner describes the relationship between Dr. James Newton and the Black students at the University of Delaware. She explains that Dr. Newton was hard on his students to prepare them for the real world.

Roger Horowitz interviewing James Newton

In this clip, Dr. James Newton discusses the Scarpitti Report, a report written by the Advisory Committee on Policies, Programs, and Services Affecting Blacks and Other Minority Student Group Students and chaired by Dr. Frank Scarpitti, a professor in the sociology department. Dr. Newton also talks about his involvement with the committee and how he became involved as a voice for African Americans on campus.