Racial Climate in Newark


Interviewees discuss the racial climate of Newark while they lived there. Interviewees' recollections span from when segregation was legal in Newark to the Civil Rights era and after.

Wilson Legg interviewing Joe Bryant

In this clip, Mr. Bryant speaks about his motivation to pursue a degree in criminal justice. He recalls a story about an unpleasant interaction between a police officer and his father which he witnessed as a motivating factor in his pursuit of a career in law enforcement.

Taylor Curley interviewing Florine Henderson

In this clip, Florine Henderson speaks about an incident that occurred between her daughter and a racist neighbor in the 1990s in the Brookside neighborhood of Newark. Ms. Henderson also shares her response to her daughter’s experience.

Sam Kowalchick interviewing Lindsey Saunders

Lindsey Saunders, a veteran, spent time after the [Korean] War in exclusive clubs such as the VFW. In this clip, he discusses what kind of relationships he had with other VFW members, white and Black, during the late 1950s.

Jay Reed interviewing Charles Word

In this clip, Reverend Charles Word describes how he was the first Black person to get hired at FMC’s factory in Newark, Delaware during the 1960’s. When Word applied, he was initially turned away due to the Newark office’s policy of not hiring Black people, but he was able to get a position by applying through the Home Office in Marcus Hook, Pennsylvania.