Racial Climate at the University of Delaware


In this section, former students and employees discuss the racial climate at the University of Delaware. Experiences varied, but many interviewees recalled a high level of social segregation on the Newark campus.

Julia Manson interviewing Crystal Hayman-Simms

In this clip, Crystal Hayman-Simms answers a question about her experience with diversity in the classroom and at the University in general. She recounts her experiences of diversity in detail, even down to specific classes.

Chris Barnwell interviewing Thelma Hinds

In this clip, Thelma Hinds is asked what her first impression was of the University of Delaware once she arrived on campus. This was early into her first year, around Halloween, and she and her friends had gone to the dining hall to get food. On their way returning from the dining hall they noticed an effigy hanging from a building with a racist and threatening note attached to it aimed towards African Americans.

Brianna Perry interviewing Marlene Hurtt-Dunkley

In this segment, Marlene Hurtt-Dunkley recounts a racist incident with a potential roommate. In her freshman year, Mrs. Hurtt-Dunkley’s potential roommate didn’t want to share a room with her because of the color of her skin.

Roger Horowitz interviewing James Newton

In this clip, Dr. James Newton describing an incident where Black students were wrongly accused of causing a disturbance on campus.

Sam Kowalchick interviewing Shane White

In this clip, Shane White recalls one of her first interactions with white people and the University herself. She comes from a predominantly African American community, so when her first interaction went so distastefully, it was quite a rude awakening.