Working at the University of Delaware


This section deals with people’s experiences as employees at the University of Delaware. The jobs interviewees held were diverse—from student’s working in the cafeterias as work study, to residents with careers as groundskeepers, to university professors. Interviewees reflect on their experiences while working at the university.

Wilson Legg interviewing Joe Bryant

In this clip, Joe  Bryant tells the story of how his role as a security guard on campus helped lead him to becoming a police officer. His advisor Scott Cowans[?] and the chief of the Newark Police Department created an internship program and he was one of the first students to participate.

Chris Barnwell interviewing Wayne Crosse

In this clip, Wayne Crosse explains how he handled the expenses of attending University of Delaware. Wayne remembers getting some funding from the school and government, but also remembers  a work study placement, where he was required to wash dishes in the school cafeteria. Most of the other people working with him were African Americans from the Newark area working full time.

Taylor Curley interviewing Florine Henderson

In this clip, Florine Henderson talks about how she was able to get a job at the University of Delaware and the struggle to get hired because of her race. She shares how affirmative action helped her get the job at the University’s Admissions office and why she is determined for people to hear her story.

Roger Horowitz interviewing James Newton

In this clip, Dr. James Newton discusses the different treatment he received as a faculty member compared to his colleagues.

Ayinde Budd and Gene Coleman interviewing Vincent Oliver

In this clip, Vincent Oliver discusses the reason for leaving the University of Delaware. Oliver applied for the position of Dean of Students when the University did a nationwide search for candidates. He would go on to become one of the four last candidates in the search. After the top two candidates declined the job, the search was canceled instead of offering Reverend Oliver for the position. Feeling slighted, he felt that it was best for him to part ways with the University.

Jay Reed interviewing Charles Word

Reverend Charles Word describes some of his parent’s experiences as employees at the University of Delaware. He also summarizes some of the recruitment and hiring tactics used by the University in the late 1950s and 1960s.