Faculty and Staff


Students attending University of Delaware had a wide variety of experiences with the university’s faculty and staff. In this section, students discuss experiences they had with university employees while attending the University of Delaware.

Devin Roth interviewing Gerald Allen

In this clip, Gerald Allen discusses one of the few racially motivated incidents he could recall happening to him while at the University of Delaware. He also describes how he was able to overcome the challenge presented by the professor.

Reid Barrow interviewing Sharon Bryant

In this clip, Sharon Sheridan Bryant discusses her experiences as a Black student in mostly white classes. She said it was hard to build relationships with those around her and there was not much interaction between Black and white students in the classroom. She recalls two instances with separate teachers that caused her to work harder.

Taylor Curley interviewing Ella Burton

In this clip, Ella Burton shares one of her proudest moments, the day graduated from the University of Delaware. She recalls how on her graduation day, the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences expressed her happiness for Ella’s accomplishment, a memory Ms. Burton will never forget.

Chris Barnwell interviewing Thelma Hinds

In this clip, Thelma Hinds speaks to an instance of discrimination based on race in a classroom setting. Thelma describes a writing assignment and explains the effort she put into her work. She then turns it in and finally receives her grade, a C. Thinking she deserved a higher grade, she speaks to the professor who offers an explanation for her low grade that had nothing to do with her effort.

Brianna Perry interviewing Linda Sheridan-Perkins

In this clip, Linda Sheridan-Perkins describes Richard Wilson. Richard Wilson was someone that early African American University of Delaware students could look to for help and advice. In this clip, she describes how Wilson helped her and her friends rent a car for a weekend of fun.