In this section, residents and Delaware graduates discuss their careers and their experiences with employment in the state Delaware.

Paris McBride interviewing Denise Hayman

In this clip, Denise Hayman takes us back to her family’s roots in the area, particularly the influential relationship she had with her grandparents. She also describes her community as a family, how they navigated the racial climate in Newark, and specifically working experiences for Black women.

Valeria Medina Zuniga interviewing Wilma Tucker Jones

In this clip, Wilma Tucker Jones goes into depth about her work responsibilities at the Avon Company. Jones talks about her many traveling experiences while working for the company.

Ayinde Budd and Gene Coleman interviewing William Majett

In this clip, William Majett discusses his choice to join the National Guard after graduating from UD. Majett was deployed to Wilmington after riots broke out in response to the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. in 1968.

Wilson Legg interviewing Janice Tildon-Burton

Here, Dr. Tilden-Burton recounts some of the major accomplishments of her career. She has achieved a number of firsts for Black female doctors and even knows the Governor of Delaware and has delivered his children.