Capturing the Market: Early Manufacturers


Although Jell-O now controls the lion’s share of the market, there were several other successful gelatin companies in the early twentieth century, some of which are still in business today. Early advertisers often focused on their products’ purity, efficiency, and affordability, but did not hesitate to use gimmicks or celebrity endorsements.

Royal Gelatin was created in 1925 and quickly became Jell-O's main competitor. Although the company was new to the gelatin business, it capitalized on the notoriety of its other products, such as Royal Baking Powder, to win customers.

Some companies did not find long-term success in the gelatin market. In the early twentieth century, the Minute Tapioca Company of Orange, Massachusetts advertised a gelatin that required no soaking prior to use.  General Foods Corporation bought the Minute Tapioca Company in 1926 and its gelatin line was soon discontinued.