12 – Production


Ed Dorn (1929-1999), poet

Michael Myers (1948-1982), artist

Zephryus Image Press (1970-1982), small press

Zephyrus Image Press, of San Francisco and Healdsburg, California, was the subversive, free-spirited 1970s-era press of Holbrook Teter (d. 1999) and Michael Myers. In a 1974 collaboration with Bob Callahan of Turtle Island Foundation, Teter and Myers chose the comic book format for mass distribution of poet Ed Dorn’s Recollections of Gran Apachería, also published in a traditional hardback by Turtle Island. The underground comic scene was flourishing in San Francisco at the time with ZAP Comix (Robert Crumb, Rick Griffin, Victor Moscoso and others) and the Zephyrus Recollections, priced at “20 dimes,” sold well. The planning and layout of the text, author’s corrections, and galleys are shown on the top shelf. Stages of publishing Michael Myers’ artwork and photographs of Holbrook Teeter and Michael Meyers are shown on the bottom shelf.

All material related to Ed Dorn’s Recollections of Gran Apachería (San Francisco, Calif.: Turtle Island, 1974); all items from the Zephyrus Image Press records

  1. Manuscript list of copy edits, undated
  2. “Personum,” typescript (carbon) with Ed Dorn’s note to “Wholbrook,” December 22, 1973
  3. Five pages on newsprint for page imposition of the book
  4. Sample of page grid
  5. F & G (folded and gathered) galley pages from Turtle Island edition, 1974
  6. Three photographs, 1974-1975. Photograph by Mary Canary of Holbrook Teter and Michael Meyers at Ward’s Island, Toronto, Ontario, 1974; photograph by Rob Rusk of Teter holding Ed Dorn’s Slinger (Wingbow, 1975); photograph by Rob Rusk of Meyers at the Vandercook press, circa 1974
  7. Meyers, Michael. Original artwork for the cover of Ed Dorn’s Recollections of Gran Apachería, ink on art board [1974]
  8. Comp” (comprehensive) of cover art
  9. “Zip-a-Tone” hand-cut adhesive shading film for color separation for cover art
  10. Original wrapper for the paperback edition of Recollections with Mary Canary’s photograph of Ed Dorn on the left and Michael Meyer’s cover illustrations and title on the right, 1974
  11. “Opuntia ellisiana” (Spineless prickly pear cactus). Michael Meyers original artwork for illustration accompanying “Fifteen Hundred Tons of Hay @ 1¢ per pound” in Recollections, ink on art board [1974]
  12. Promotional postcards, Turtle Island Foundation, 1974
  13. Dorn, Edward. Recollections of Gran Apachería. Paper edition. Turtle Island Foundation, 1974. Cover illustration by Michael Myers