In the Voting Booth


As election day approaches, voters who cannot make it to the polls in person need to apply for an absentee ballot. Others many need to update their registration in order to vote.

An essential function for campaigns in the final days leading up to Election Day is to "get out the vote," ensuring the people know where their polling places are located, the hours of voting, and who is on the ballot.

Once the polls close, the vote counting starts. Campaigns keep their own tallies at various precincts in their districts. Party officials gather at headquarters to monitor the vote counts, celebrate candidate victories, and commiserate in electoral defeat.

Access to voting is an important issue, not just for the candidates, but for those who administer elections as well. Election officials provide valuable information to make sure everyone who can vote is able to do so. They also give candidates a way to disqualify potentially improper votes.

Once all the votes are counted, a winner is announced and the election is formally certified.