Plates and Spoons


The Royal Doulton Company produced several pieces based on Will Bradley’s illustrations during the early 20th century. The majority of these pieces, which comprised two series of plates, as well as vases and jugs, were based on artwork from Bradley’s play “Beauty and the Beast,” found in the August 1896 issue of Bradley: His Book. It is unclear if Royal Doulton had Bradley’s consent or compensated him in any way for the use of his designs.

“Proverbs: Nothing venture nothing have. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.” D3391 series plate from Royal Doulton, circa 1911-1928.

“Proverbs: Happy is the wooing that’s not long in the doing. Marry in haste repent at leisure.” D3391 series plate from Royal Doulton, circa 1911-1928.

 “Eastern Figures” tudor jug, “Morrisian” series from Royal Doulton, circa 1905.

In 1897, Will Bradley designed and printed The Colonial Book for the Towle Manufacturing Company at his Wayside Press. It featured both a showcase of the silver company’s Colonial pattern and an illustrated guide to the company’s home, Newburyport, Massachusetts. The popular publication was reprinted several additional times by Wayside’s successor, The University Press. The pattern displayed here, Georgian, was inspired by Bradley’s oft-used flower basket motifs. Bradley did not produce the book for the Georgian pattern, but it is considered the second in the series that began with his tribute to the Colonial.

Two spoons and a knife in the Georgian pattern from Towle Mfg. Company, circa 1898.